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Vaydor coupe body kit for sale

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  • Vaydor coupe body kit for sale

    Selling unused Vaydor Body Kit. Moving, decided not to transport. Kit includes interior panels, exterior panels and rollcage. Price $10,000. You arrange shipping.

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    Is this vaydor still for sale. Do you have a contact number. My name is mike and my cell is 2572351671


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      Kit is still available. Can reach me at 314-596-8177.


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        Originally posted by NEED4SPEED View Post
        Kit is still available. Can reach me at 314-596-8177.
        I called you and also texted you.
        I am purchasing this kit from you. From our discussion, the dimensions for the kit would be 10 x 15, but it seems off.
        I am trying to arrange shipping back to California, but I am unable to get a quote with a width of 10 feet. Could you confirm the width for this? 10 Feet seems off.
        Secondly, if the quotes from the freight companies are too high, I will be flying into Tampa to pick it up from you and I was thinking of renting a Penske to drive it back (like PittsburghVaydor did).
        I will call you again today


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          Such a shame.
          I am ready to go and now I cannot get any replies nor get a hold of you.

          To all out there in the forum. If you have the vaydor kit, please PM me. I am ready to go for the purchase.


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            Was going to sell my Vador kit last year but ended up in hospital with Covid. Still have the kit which is now selling for $20,000 by Carolina Vador. Will sell my kit which is a coupe with interior for $10,000.


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