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Fiero frame for sale

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  • Fiero frame for sale

    For sale is a frame from a Fiero. The frame has a 1" drop in the back and has been stretched 7 1/4". I purchased a Koenig Testarossa Kit from a gentleman who had started to build it and lost interest. This was the frame it was on. I decided to go a different direction with the car and scrapped everything he had done. So this is what was left.

    It will need to be picked up in Bradenton, FL.

    The transmission is still mounted in the car and the engine cradle has been moved back. There is a Chevy 350 in the back of it right now, but I am sure it is beyond repair.

    This shows the drop and the extension to the frame. I was told that the frame was professionally done and from the looks it looks that way. Very good welds on the car.

    The interior is stripped but all gauges and steering are still intact. What you see is what you get.
    Best offer will get it.
    I would like to get it out of the back yard as soon as possible.
    I need some more space to finish my koenig and I don't think my wife likes it back there right now.

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    Re:Fiero frame for sale

    I forgot to say you can email me at or phone me at 941-749-1440


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