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FS 355 spyder kit w/ 84 fiero donor

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  • FS 355 spyder kit w/ 84 fiero donor

    it seems that i am going to have to have another back surgery in june and just dont have time time to finish. i have too many other project to attend to so its got to go.
    not sure of the manfacture.
    it includes:
    front clip
    rear clip
    front hood
    rear hood
    rear bumper
    front lower lights
    rear lights
    1 red side marker light
    2 yellow side marker lights
    headlight doors
    convert top mechanism

    84 fiero, auto trans. i should have it running at the time of sale (4 banger), it needs a fuel pump and a throttle body. i have both on the way. no promises on the condition of the engine/trans, i was "told" that it ran. i have done the bracing along the bottom for support of the chop. i can still do the 3" stretch and cut the top off if buyer wants for additional cost. the body seams look like they are going to line up pretty good, but i have all the panels just sitting on the car as of now and not fastened down. i have cut some off the front but still needs more for the head lights. this would be a great project for someone to take over.
    the kit was supposed to come with a front grill but wasnt delivered, the seller told me he was going to sent it but i havnt seen it yet. i have been leaving messages but he dont return my phone calls/email. if it shows up it will be included with the sale but no promises.
    as it sits now i will let it go for $2750.00, i am taking a loss at that price. i will do the 3" stretch and cut the top for $3250.00. i might be able to do additional work on the car if a buyer was really interested. the car is in austin texas i might be able to deliver for additional fee.

    i might be willing to trade for a car, truck or ?
    if interested you can email me at:
    i am not sure how to post pics on this site, if the image dont come up i can email them to someone.

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    Re:FS 355 spyder kit w/ 84 fiero donor

    Car looks great, where abouts are you???


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      Re:FS 355 spyder kit w/ 84 fiero donor

      Sent you an email...
      BTW your TBI should be there on Monday!


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        Re:FS 355 spyder kit w/ 84 fiero donor

        sorry to hear that your having surgery,hope everything goes your way


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