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  • Koenig Competition Mold for Sale

    I am posting this on behalf of Marcello Roya for the sale of Koenig Competition Mold... Here is the description he sent me....

         “Konig competition”
    ================================================== =============
    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooo

    These molds for Konig competition (one of this car owned by Mike Tyson), he paid $1,000, 000.oo There are only 4 of this car exist in US, because of hi price and very difficult to import as EPA regulation, therefore hard to find them here, but these cars are bought in Europe and Japan very much. These cars are one of the nicest and most beautiful and sexist car.  In 1995 they came to the market.  It took me almost 2&1/2 years to build the molds and it cost over $300,000.oo.  it was not an easy process, not easy to copy because there was a lack of car that existed, mostly picture from magazines and only video from Mike Tyson’s car that was in Beverly hills exotic cars showroom, and from that I was able to make a video from the car and built it from looking at the film. It took me almost 20 hours of my day everyday to work on it. It was not an easy work but the goal was to make it happen and I was very proud that I made it. I won 2 trophies in 1996-1997 in the two years that I showed at Knott berry farm. I had a contract with one of biggest exotic car company in Japan to make 20 cars a year priced at $55,000.oo, based on Pontiac Fiero chassis but after while they broke the contract due to economy crisis and problem in Japan. For two years in row the car was in Kit car Illustrated, and Kit car Magazine.   

    Quality: these molds are 20 oz thick (1/2 inch thick), very nice and straight (no waves or any wrinkles), the nicest mold that exists in the world.  Plus with all the templates and jig you can build this car very easily and fast there is hardly any body work involved. You can pullout as much parts as you want from these molds to either build cars or sell kits, the good thing about it is nobody has this kit. I did not sell any of the body kits to anybody to allow them to copy.

    Terms of sale
    Please call me for more information that could help you to make a good business, and also have fun to make this kit, please serious buyer inquire only,
    20% deposit after 48 hours winning sale.
    Balance due 10 days after final sale.
    Please be advised that these molds have got to pickup not more than 15 days after final sale, otherwise will be resold or storage charges will apply.

    Telephone:  818- 451 3344     Macello
    Los Angeles, California  U.S.A

    The price for all these molds are $ 25000  or best offer that must be reasonable.

    Also I have 3 original windshield for $ 2700 

        Exterior molds contain:
    1- front bumper
    2- right corner bumper fog lit holder
    3- left corner bumper fog lit holder
    4- right front fender
    5- left front fender
    6- front hood
    7- center hood scoop
    8- roof skin with windshield tray
    9- right door
    10- left door
    11- right mirror
    12- left mirror
    13- right front rocker panel
    14- left front rocker panel
    15- right ¼ side scoop
    16- left ¼ side scoop
    17- right ¼ side center scoop
    18- left ¼ side center scoop
    19- right ¼ panel
    20- left ¼ panel
    21- rear gate and wing all one in huge mold
    22- rear center engine cover
    23- rear bumper
    24- jag for rear grill
    25- jig for steering lowering column
    26- jig for wiper shaft placement for original windshield
    27- template for right & left head lit bucket
    28- 3 front windshield brand new from Germany
    Interior molds contain:
    29- right door panel (upper & lower)
    30- left door panel (upper & lower)
    31- right door panel handle
    32- left door panel handle
    33- dashboard panel
    34- front dashboard flat panel
    35- Speedo meter cluster
    36- right dashboard tray
    37- left dashboard tray
    38- center consol
    39- center consol door
    40- right B pillar panel
    41- left B pillar panel
    42- head liner panel

    These are photos of finished car... Also on sale at Ebay...

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    Re: Koenig Competition Mold for Sale

    How about posting the pic's myman.
    [img][/img]<br />Toyota MR2 Turbo with BAD kit and Real Ferrari F355 wheels.


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      Re: Koenig Competition Mold for Sale

      you'll find the ebaymotors auction in the kit car section.

      the kit looks great and well made, but some of the advertised details just bring the credibility down. spending $300k to make molds is simply insane if it could be true, and working 20 hours a day for 2.5 years would bring him into a hospital in a week or less :

      i don't get why people lie if they have a good product, since it won't suddenly make someone willing to spend more (but rather less)
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        Re: Koenig Competition Mold for Sale

        the last time that car was on e bay it was burgundy ,this time its dark red,its been a couple of months ago.the ebay ad description doesnt say anything about a set of molds[$300,ooo] spent to mfr. them,last time it was listed it did,thiis time the for a he selling acar or a set of molds for a koenig competion or a red car that was burgundy a couple of months ago,i cant get enough of those stupid looking headlights,id say pininfarinas twin brother from another family that just happened to go to the same school with him designed them on a lost weekend when he was smokin some bad acid from a third world country


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          Re: Koenig Competition Mold for Sale

          well you never know, some people like the looks.
          don't forget the whole prowler thing: some say it's a crappy factory copy of a hotrod while others say its a hot production car that can be used well as a daily driver..
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            Re: Koenig Competition Mold for Sale

            well i've spoken to the seller and yes, he really did spend that amount of money on the plug and molds. no ripoff for the quality it is.
            Professional 3D, web, graphic, architectural, interior, and CAM design at affoardable prices.<br />Any questions: voicemail/fax (323)281-0583<br />sales @


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              Re: Koenig Competition Mold for Sale

              I bought my Diablo replica off this guy, marcello. I have seen both the molds and the ferrari kit he has for sale. He is telling the truth. It is absolutely amazing that he was able to make the molds and the car to such degree of authenticity from just video but he did. I know this because he also has a concept car he build in his garage (about 60% done) and it is all mocked up with fiberglass and foam. Also the build quality of my Diablo kit is very good, he hand made everything, even the exhause, the grills, all kinds of stuff. The Ferrari turnkey that he is selling is very nice - I would have bought it but it is an automatic and to me that destroys the authenticity. The car has 400+hp though.


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