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    Hey guys. I started a project to try to piece together the most accurate F355 replica possible many years ago... But after years of it sitting untouched in my garage, I have realized that I will likely buy another real one before I ever finish this project. I have a great collection of parts, and I am willing to sell them to someone who wants the parts for their project. I have over $35k of parts that I have purchased, but willing to give someone a deal.

    Real Ferrari Parts:
    Challenge Grill
    F355 Air intake boxes
    F355 front Grill
    Real Ferrari tail lights and marker lights
    all Ferrari emblems
    Ferrari quarter window vents
    F355 Muffler
    F355 steering wheel
    F355 Air Horn

    Awesome replica parts:
    Full custom tubular suspension for a Fiero chassis. Coilovers all the way around with 13inch Wilwood drilled and slotted brakes all around. ($5000)
    AD355 body panels (modified to be a GTS)
    Sactodreamers replica F355 mirrors
    2 custom AD355 extended windshields with tray
    Amida interior (unupholstered) - If you don't know what this is, look it up on this site
    Full set of Classic Instruments Ferrari replica gauges
    Ferrari Style wheels with Ferrari center caps and valve stems with brand new 19" tires
    Don's exact replica F355 headlights
    F355 Replica keys
    Other replica decals and VIN plates

    Other parts:
    Northstar engine (14,000 miles)
    Northstar computer with custom tune and harness
    F40 6 speed manual transmission and custom racing clutch with Ferrari Ball style shifter

    I have lots of other things that I have collected to try to working into the project as well. I am hoping to find someone that is interested in bringing a truck and taking everything. I would rather not piece it out at this point. If there is nobody interested in all of it, then I will consider piecing it out later.

    I am located near Fort Wayne, IN. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this.

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    Hey Toby;

    Happy New Year and been a while. Sorry to hear you are moving away from the project but certainly understand your decision.

    A LOT of really good parts there. Is the suspension the widened stuff from Ryane way back?

    Chat soon
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      I hardly go on the forum these days. I just happened to go on today and saw your post.

      Send me an email when you have the chance. Maybe you have a few things I could use for Funnywheels.

      I hope you are doing well,

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