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Ferrari Testarossa Replica FOR SALE!

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  • Ferrari Testarossa Replica FOR SALE!

    Here is another car that I am selling from my fleet! If you are looking for a comfortable, reliable, amazing, and realistic TR replica this is the one for you! This car drives and handles great and even has a working cruise control! I have taken it on multiple long trips from Nashville TN to Dayton OH and back and from Nashville TN to Morehead KY and back. The car is located in Nashville, TN. The asking price is $28,000 and I'm available to show and sell the car from April 11th thru June 1st. I only know of a few issues and all of them have existed since my purchase in Jan 2015.

    Issue 1: car has to warm up for about 10 minutes before driving (guessing its a fuel/air mixture or EGR problem)
    Issue 2: window switches don't activate windows to roll down. i bought new switches but never had time to install them. (never bothered me because AC is ice cold and heater is good and warm)
    Issue 3: subwoofer behind drivers seat goes on and off periodically (guessing its a 12v power issue)


    Below are specs of the car from the buyer in 2015.

    1988 Ferrari Testarossa Replica

    VIN# 1G2PG3794FP271986

    The Ferrari Testarossa (TR) is the most difficult to replicate and only a few authentic looking TR kit cars exist today. The particular TR kit on this car is one of four best constructed and most realistic TR replica kits ever made by kit car companies in the world. The car has almost the same dimensions and shape as the real TR. It was built by a professional car builder with over 25 years of experimence building & restoring classic high performance cars. Testarossa kits are no longer made, which makes a TR replica of this quality extremely rare. Now that there is a resurgent appreciation for the TR's beauty and iconic symbolism as "the car" that first defined the term "exotic car" or "super car", their prices have recently sky rocketed to typcially above $100K and still climbing.

    This authentic-looking & light weight TR kit car (currently has a 3.1L V6) is a perfect platform for a high-performance engine swap. With an unusually low & wide stance (not seen any more in modern sport cars) and upgraded drive-train & suspension, this TR replica is extremely stable and nimble around curves. It not only looks great but also amazingly fun to drive now. Imagine how amazing it will be to drive with such a high-performance engine swap.

    This is a 100% turnkey car. It was built on a properly stretched 1985 fully loaded non salvaged Fiero GT. Everything works. There are two binders documenting all the work performed on this car. The original assembled & running form of this TR kit car was purchased by a professional car builder several years ago. Since then, he has invested more than $25K to bring the car to its top form (e.g., the modification included high-performance drivetrain, suspensions, transmission, and a completely redone interior - see below). This car not only looks the part, but is 100% functional, dependable, and extremely low maintainance cost.

    Let’s start with the exterior. It is the proper dimensions of a real Testarossa. Here are some details to look for:
    - It has real Testarossa front fog and marker lights, costing $1,500.00 per side.
    - All the side strakes, front grill and rear grill are made of metal.
    - The gas gasket door is remote, and located on the left rear pillar like the real car.
    - The rear engine compartment grill is the same pattern as the real car, and it also has the grill strips that run down each rear pillar as well.
    - All emblems are real Ferrari's original manufacturer parts (OEM).
    - The wheels are made by Compmotive out of England and are very rare, and very close to the real wheels with the logo centers, and are hard to find especially in the offset that this car has.
    - The wheel offset, as well as the tire and rim size, all have the exact dimensions and specifications of a real TR.
    - All of the glass on the car is real. It has real glass even on the rear quarter windows.

    Lets get to the interior. The interior is not Fiero it has been re-done to look as close as possible to a Testarossa. Less than 20% of Fiero left in the interior. Notable new features include:
    - Two tone grey/black leather seats with embroidered Ferrari logos.
    - All of the dash door panels and console were custom made, and wrapped in Leatherette.
    - The speedometer and tachometer are refaced with the Ferrari logos, and the font is in orange as the real TR. The speedometer's range was increased to 190MPH, calibrated within 10 miles an hour.
    - All new headliner and visors, rear view mirror with auto dim, compass and outside temperature.
    - Power windows, power locks, and this is rare - power Testarossa style mirrors.
    - The 5-speed transmission shifter has an authentic factory-made Ferrari 5-speed shift silver chrome metallic gate. It shift into the gearbox properly and doesn't look as though it is in neutral position as most other TR kits.
    - It also has cruise control.
    - The horn sounds just like the real TR.
    - Custom-made floor mats with Ferrari logos
    - An Alpine A/M,F/M,C/D stereo with Ipod connector
    - A remote rear hatch opener.
    - Engine cover is held up by a hydralic lift (not by a wooden stick like most other kits).
    - Heater and A/C both work perfectly. The car can be in bumper to bumper traffic on a 100 degree day and will feel like an ice box inside. It has no overheating issues.

    Now for the drive train and suspension. The engine is a very reliable upgrade from the standard 2.8L V6. It is a newer 3.1 GM Goodwrench engine with less than 20K mile. The engine also has a few performance modifications including:
    - All cooling upgrades
    - Bigger throttle body
    - Performance chip
    - Jet coated headers and y-pipe that go through a custom muffler and out of some very nice Silverline stainless steel exhaust tips.
    - The transmission is the 5 speed Getrag shifts smooth in every gear.
    - The front & rear suspension and engine cradle mounts have new sturdy poly bushings upgrades (they replace the original Fiero's rubber mounts)
    - Sport shocks from KYB, a very reputable aftermarket performance parts dealer
    - Eibach lowering springs for all for 4 tires
    - Rear tubular lower A-arms with coil over KYB struts
    - Front & rear anti-sway bars - an anti-roll (or stabilizer bar) is a part of a performance car's suspensions that helps reduce the body roll of a vehicle during fast cornering or over road irregularities. It connects opposite (left/right) wheels together through short lever arms linked by a torsion spring. A sway bar increases the suspension's roll stiffness—its resistance to roll in turns, independent of its spring rate in the vertical direction.
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    Oh so tempting and so difficult to get into canada‍♂️
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      Nice car! I'm in the process of building one. A Koenig version.


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        Thank you. I've enjoyed the car for the 7 years that I've owned it.


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          Can you please contact me? 8056572610
          Thankyou! Located in California. It doesn’t let me Pm you due to new account.


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            Interested in car. PM not sending. Try emailing me through site or PM.


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