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Prova Countach Project up for sale

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  • Prova Countach Project up for sale

    I am putting my Prova out there to see if anyone might be interested in a project. I have had this project for several years as I finish off the 308 project and I just don't know if I have another big project in me. The 308 took way longer than I had ever dreamed and my OCD will most likely put me into a way too long Countach project as well. When I got the project, it was about 80% complete and had been sitting in a heated, dry garage for several years but the person moved and then the car sat outside under a tarp for a few years and my neck of the woods is fairly wet so the car atrophied a bit....

    What the project comes with:
    • Full QV Prova body with windshield frame without the wide a pillars. Screen comes right up to doors
    • Prova tube frame
    • Rear suspension is Corvette C4
    • Front suspension is the Prova setup so I think Fiero uppers and other Buick lowers?
    • Also comes with full front Corvette suspension that I was going to replace the Prova setup with including centre mounts and steering rack for proper geometry when putting into the frame
    • Challenge rims and tires. The rims are the phone dial but not Countach oem phone dial
    • Frame is fully wired
    • I took out the SBC from the frame as it had internal corrosion from sitting outside a few years and I have a BMW V12 with all computers and wiring harness ready to swap in. It was a shame about the V8 as the previous owner had put about $8k into a rebuild and it had only ever run about 3 minutes..
    • Porsche 915 transmission with Boxster shifter setup
    • Rads are in oem Countach locations
    • oem size Countach windscreen
    • custom oem tempered and proper curved side windows which include full side setup, rear quarters and rear window. This glass Mav and I had made and we have confirmed fit into oem Countachs so very high quality
    • Full Countach fiberglass interior panels. I bought a set of reproduced oem 25th anniversary panels and then made my own molds last Xmas and made an interior for myself and Buy the Horns and I sell full Countach interiors as well. I had a set of Diablo seats made instead of the Countach as the Diablo seats are wider so fit your butt better. The 25th vs 5000s interior has very little different and easily made full 5000s if the new owner wants to make very authentic. I also have the reproduction oem centre console for the 5000s that fits right in. Also have electric window winders but I find that a bit silly given the window goes down about 2"....
    • Full replica gauges
    • Rear lights and panels
    • OEM front turn signals and buckets
    • Several boxes of additional parts with emblems and other misc items including original Prova assembly manuals. Too much to list

    What I think it needs:
    • Frame taken down to bare and cleaned and painted.
      • It has some surface rust but nothing bad
    • I had cut the driver's side flares off as I wanted to make the flares removable per oem but anyone can glass them back together if that is their preference
    • Whole car stripped to see what is what and clean or replace anything that atrophied from storage and updated to new owner's preference
    • Adjust the roof line to fit the oem side windows and frames.
      • The Prova has that front sloped screen section so putting the proper side glass in requires the front roofline to be raised about 1.5"
    • BMW V12 to Porsche 915 adapter.
      • I still have the SBC to 915 adapter and clutch so the plate and flywheel are the only items to be made.
      • I have Jim Dinner's instructions he used for the BMW to Audi trans so I planned on making my own.
      • I had talked to txbuilder on here several years ago as well and he can also make an adaptor for you
    • Front suspension swap if you want to do it. The Prova setup works just fine but I am anal so would have changed it out....
    • Tires will need to be replaced.
      • Unfortunately, these tires on the there were brand new but siting for way too long and will be good for working on and rolling around but would not trust too long on the road

    When I look at the list to do, I think, "Hey maybe not so much work after all...... And then I think back to what I was going to do with the 308 and 12 years later, completely different car and I am burned out...... SO.....

    I am looking for $25,000 CAD for everything I have Countach project related. This equates to about $18-$19,000 USD looking at typical CAD/USA exchange rate. I am in Victoria, British Columbia Canada so I can help buyer arrange shipping but I cannot deliver anywhere. I know that is a fair amount for a project but this project has almost everything parts wise to be completed and But the Horns has the rest of the parts you would need. I am not desperate to sell so if I don't sell, I will just pull the project into the garage and start working on it and get the driveline in etc. Lots of metal work I can do before I have to start working with fiberglass so I can still play for a while....

    Feel free to reach out to me on PM or email. don dot ostergard at gmail dot com

    Thanks all

    A few pics of what it was looking like when I got it before cleaning it up and storing properly. Also a look at the frame when I was pulling the V8 out.... Hopefully the imgur links come through

    I have a pile more of the interior etc. as well for those that are interested rather than filling up the thread.
    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000S

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    I wish I could get this from dream car!


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      No real bites so far and no surprise as these are really niche sales. I am about done the 308 so looking to pull the Countach in and start cleaning it up. If I get far enough along, I will pull the sale and just do the project as I had originally wanted to...

      308 Ferrari replica
      Prova Countach 5000S


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        Project sold locally to me. I had figured the project would stay with me to build but a couple relatively local to me reached out recently and the most local gent just bought it yesterday. I get to still help out when there are needs as it will stay in the Victoria area.

        308 Ferrari replica
        Prova Countach 5000S


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