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wanted side view mirrors for 355 spider

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    Re: wanted side view mirrors for 355 spider

    Guys, throw your support behind "Nicer-days"on these mirrors. Jay is probably trying to help but sometimes in an argument ones tongue runs away with ones brain:
    Here's what he said....".ANd furthermore for $150 US I can have them all assembled , painted , and already include the Fiero power mirrors installed."
    Thats funny ;D Look at this statement in terms of 1 mirror, he is going to lay up the 3 pieces, trim them out, bond them together, bodywork the joints, prep for paint, find and test a good Fiero mirror motor, install it plus the wiring, make a pattern of the new glass, have a glass shop cut it, bond the glass in place, buy paint and related materials [$$$], and have someone spray it...... for $75.!! IMPOSSIBLE.
    The real thing is worth $1000. If you can buy a pair for $150 and basically watch the mold and product being built before your eyes on this forum,-------------------- buy it.
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      Re: wanted side view mirrors for 355 spider

      i have to agree. i've been watching this thread with something like amazement and disbelief. you can barely buy mirrors for any kind of vehicle on ebay for under $35 usually, much less replica 355 ones.

      i know first hand how much work it is to take a set of so-so mirrors and fix them up. my TR mirrors weren't made with gelcoat so the whole thing is SO MUCH WORK to get a smooth finish on it all. give these guys a break, a decent pair of mirror housings is worth at least $100 unless the work is terrible and the bonding process is bad.

      mirrors are by far the hardest thing to do right on a body. you wouldn't know it but they are the only part of a body that you look at all the time you are driving at close range. if something is off by a bit, it will drive you nuts looking at it all the time
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