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    I am listing my Testarossa for sale again. I continue finding myself with not enough time to work on it and dont like to see it just sitting in the garage. This is not a bunch of kit parts is a complete car that i have removed the engine and interior. I started to redo it and detail it more for the car show season and found myself with not enough time in my schedule to do so. The engine was completely redone and i polished all the aluminim. The engine was stolen from a shop and i have got another one that i am doing the same to now. The engine compartment and cradle are painted and i am working on the loom and line covers. I have the interior out and was going to recover it with some yellow can be put back in with little effort. This is not a car that is torn apart and would take months to get was a complete car that i started to redetail. I would love to finish it and i will continue to do so until it is either done or sold but, my schedule has not permited me much time and to see her sit is a waste. If you have any questions please contact me. This car was a eye turner and with some effort and will be again. The body panels are perfect. I made a new rear deck lid, new grills, reworked quarter glass openings (have real glass in them)..Many extras. I built a custom tilt trailor for this car and will consider selling it as well...some delivery can be arranged. Make me an offer...but, be realistic..this is not some junk spare parts... I will consider partial trades of cars like - corvette, porsche,camaro...

    Here is the pic link ---
    There are two pages of pics and i have more....

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    Re: Testarossa For Sale

    Hello....Very nice replica indeed....

    I have seen this car on eBay I believe a couple of times already....Was it this car that was up for auction??

    The questions I have are as follows:

    a) is the new engine back in the car now and is it running and driving??

    b) how much interior work have you done so far??

    c) do you have an authentic looking TR dash or just the old Fiero dash recovered in leather??

    d) I need photos of the side windows (both sides) showing the real glass in it...

    e) what suspension and brakes are on the car??? Photos ??

    f) Asking price?? any extra parts included??

    You can email me the photos, description and your price directly to:


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