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Wanted: 86-88 GT

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  • Wanted: 86-88 GT

    hello guys, its getting kinda close to the spring time and i thought now would be a good time to start getting things into gear already, im looking for a donor Fiero 86-88GT wondering if anyone got any leads or anything, it has to be at least in drivable condition preferably, i live in toronto Canada, the maximum amount of $$ i would like to spend on it would be $2000 i know that may sound kind of low and a bit out of reach, however i know there are like some fieros in the states that ive seen sell for like $800 Us, so i am optimistic.
    As on overall recap for my project, i will most likely be hitting off with a 308 or a 328 build do to the fact that a 355 build would be much more expensive to build and also my work space area isnt that big to support that type of massive project, so thank you for your time fellas and hope to hear from some of you soon.

    Marcello Trubiani

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    Re: Wanted: 86-88 GT

    I think you could get a very nice Fiero GT for under the $2000.00 that you are looking to spend. I only paid $500.00 (usa) for my 1987 GT. I have a good running engine (fuel injected) that I will sell for $200.00 if you find one with a bad motor. Also, how big is your work area? I am building a 355 spyder kit in a small, one car garage (can barely fully open both doors) it is alot harder to do without more space but with a little manuvering it can be done. good luck with your project!


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