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Dave Jones F355 replica for sale UK

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  • Dave Jones F355 replica for sale UK

    Taken from ebay auction:

    I am reluctantly selling my pride and joy due to financial problems.<p>
    I have spent over 17000 on this car with receipts to prove it.<p>
    I have done only slightly over 4500miles since having the kit fitted. <p>
    It was built on a 1990 MR2 Turbo so while I don't condone speeding, we can probably agree that it is high performing even by todays standards. I estimate the BHP to be around 220BHP but it hasn't been tested. <p>
    It is painted in a beautiful Gun Metal Grey with soft grey leather interior and wooly grey carpets - a refreshing change from the usual Red and Yellow ones I'm sure you may agree. <p>
    The interior boasts replica dials, H-Gate, 3D Horse Embroided into Headrests.<p>
    It has Immaculate 18" Alloy wheels with low profile sports tires(265/35/18 at the back!).<p>
    The newly fitted suspension is height and damper adjustable, enabling the ride to be hardened and lowered with some simple tools. <p>
    The turbo was recently replaced, an expense you wouldn't want to have to fork out! <p>
    I had a Certified Cat1 alarm fitted with remote locking and imobiliser for peace of mind. <p>
    The windows are lightly smoked for security and privacy.<p>
    It has a steel sports exhaust with quad tail pipes producing a throaty sound and adding BHP.<p>
    For authenticity, I purchased genuine Ferrari tail lights<p>
    It has the full Berlinetta badge set on car<p>
    In car DVD player and screen fitted<p>
    Kit was Professionally fitted by a reputable builder - Dave Jones<p>
    I recently purchased a tough weather resistant car cover - the last one I had was not cheap but ripped apart! <p>

    The bad points are as follows: <p>
    Some hairline cracking which appeared almost instantly and have not got any worse. (From what I have seen, Grazing/cracking is not uncommon with GRP panels).<p>
    Paint has chipped off a small area on one of the side skits, probably hit a curb or speed bump (will not be expensive to fix).<p>
    The heater matrix was leaking, I never knew this but it got the carpet wet and discoloured it. Its under the mat so not in view but it upset me. As a result of this, I disconnected the heaters so only cold air blows. I also had the aircon gassed but it has a leak so is not working. <p>
    The interior panels were painted and retrimmed in leather. It looks great but some of the panels need respraying due to chipped paint. I have all the paint etc to do this but no workshop area. It is a mornings job to get it all perfect again. <p>
    The horn push button needs re attaching as it kept pulling off.

    13500 ono

    PM to view or make an offer

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    Hmm.. As I am interested to get it for my business is concern in the UK and I'll must give my friend the suggestion to make you connect there. I am most thankful to you if you will attach me some pics of the car.
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