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Venta700 Kit on EBay?

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  • Venta700 Kit on EBay?

    I just came across this: Replica/Kit Makes : Lamborghini Aventador Replica Body kit white in Replica/Kit Makes | eBay Motors
    As I can see he has also made a Fake Engine and the interior. It looks awesome!

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    Those panels look real thin and flimsy. I think it is so much more work to build a replica that is not designed to fit a specific donor. The size, shape, and overall copy looks good though.


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      Specially at the first photo, if U look the grey panel, it is so wave.. Also when looking how the bonnet sit in the car, it is not good.
      Finnluxury Tritium (FLT) body kit and chassis: [url][/url]


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        This is being discussed on lamboclone
        Do not buy!! The seller is eddy wahba who has scammed many people

        He made the terrible reventon kit that didnt fit together


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          For $16.5k? Lol, of course I wouldn't buy it. I'd much rather get a CNC kit, build it, CNC the parts I need for the build, re-sell it on eBay, make molds, and then make my own panels.


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            I also got email from him. I said i already have kit, what I gonna buy and asked how much he will want from dash? and only reply i got, was who sold a kit for me... so he didnt tell dash price, and other information.. so sounds like basic scammers do.
            Finnluxury Tritium (FLT) body kit and chassis: [url][/url]


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              Are there Kits available? Where did you get yours from? O.o

              EDIT: Btw, a member on the forums has published the plans for the Aventador interior here (Last post on this page).

              EDIT 2: Never mind, I remembered your post where you swapped the chassis for the panels...
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