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Countach parts list, real and replica.

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  • Countach parts list, real and replica.

    parts list for Countach
    *Prices subject to revision (up and down!)
    Most parts available/seven days (couple works in progress)

    1. Euro style front bumper grilles. Aluminium, powder coated with stainless fittings and correct bases. $199 per pair.
    2. Carello front amber/clear turn signal lenses. $99 per pair.
    3. Rodney Dickman front turn signal housings supplied at cost. $89.95 pair. Powder coated black/clear $129.95 per pair.
    4. Front turn signal bucket covers/lenses. Lexan, correctly mechanically engraved with manufacturers mark. Left oversize to allow cut to shape or supplied OEM size/shape. $225/250 per pair
    5. Metal turn signal buckets with correct tabs and mountings. Powder coated silver. $450 per pair
    6. Front turn signal bucket/lens frames from Udo Keul. $160 pair powder coated black.
    7. Front Euro Carello 444 foglamps, white/yellow. $TBA
    8. Ashtrays, correct, refurbished. $199 each.
    9. LP400 centre forward switch panel. Powder coated and screen printed $199 each.
    10. Round vents to suit (3D printed) $99 pair
    11. Switches/switch buckets to suit $TBA
    12. Red/Orange lights to suit $25 each
    13. LP400 side warning light panel $99
    14. Large (OEM size) brake switch $99 (recon), thin brake switch $25 (new)
    15. Warning light buckets to suit $15 each (red lenses)
    16. LP500/5000/S centre forward switch panel (for two sliders). Powder coated. $199 each.
    17. ‘HEAT’/’DEF’ sliders with knobs $150 pair
    18. Various square switches $100/150
    19. Cigarette lighter, various lamps, switches, rotary controls. $TBA
    20. ‘Small’ (correct) vents to suit $99 per pair
    21. QV centre forward switch panel (for one slider) Powder coated $199 each.
    22. Cigarette lighter, various lamps, rotary controls. $TBA
    23. ‘HEAT’/’DEF’ sliders with knobs $75 each
    24. Switches to suit $100 each.(Hazard, fan & light switch)
    25. Replica (rear) fog light and position light switches $150 each.
    26. Correct vents to suit $99 per pair.
    27. Replica gear shift knob with medallion. 1 piece $100 each, 3 piece, $240 each
    28. Correct window winders with chrome strip $79 per pair
    29. Shift gate from Udo Keul at cost with lockout $150 each
    30. Exact resin copy of steering column shrouds (upper and lower) $499 per set.
    31. Gauge panel in aluminium for QV or 5000S $199 each
    32. 6 piece door glass set. Tempered, tinted, OEM size and compound curved $TBA (We think this is close now. :-) )
    33. Curved, tinted, tempered rear quarter windows $TBA
    34. Flat rear window $TBA
    35. Curved tinted, shade band laminated OEM sized windshields $TBA
    36. ‘LAMBORGHINI’ rear badge, stainless, threaded studs, powder coated, choice of colours $75 each
    37. ‘COUNTACH’ rear badge, stainless, threaded studs, powder coated, choice of colours $75 each
    38. ‘BULL’ rear badge, black resin. $50 each
    39. ‘5000Quattrovalvole’ stainless, threaded studs, powder coated, choice of colours $50 (also have stick-on aluminium versions of the script badges)
    40. Various data plates from Lasse Lund $TBA
    41. Red acrylic tail light frames with correct Carello reflectors $250 (LP400S/500/5000S/QV) [drilled and tapped with threaded studs/nyloc nuts +$25]
    42. Red acrylic tail light frames LP400 $199 [drilled and tapped with correct threaded studs/nyloc nuts +$25]
    43. Correct square pattern metal tail light mounting frames, with backing plates, $150 per pair.
    44. Inner exhaust tips/exhaust shields in the making.
    45. Most other Countach parts sourced/supplied…


    Please message me with question or picture needs. Thanks for looking. Picture here, and more in this album:.

    http://<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo Parts 3ab_zpseuz7bfcg.jpg"/></a>

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    Argh, still can't work out this site for pictures or links.


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      Can't get site to work either.


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          just purcahsed an LP400 centre forward switch panel from Paul and must say it is superb quality!
          I highly recommend this seller!


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