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    For those of you who have finished there cars and are looking for a new project I have come across the Micro Jet:The BD-5 aircraft is a high-performance single-seat kit plane designed by Jim Bede in the 1970's, and is able to deliver 200-300 MPH (approx 320-465 KMH) depending on the builder's choice of engine. The aircraft is built in aluminum and has a retractable
    Several different BD-5 configurations exist, the BD-5B is a propeller/internal combustion-engine version, the BD-5J is powered by a turbojet engine and the BD-5TP has a turboprop engine.(Jet or Propeller)
    Depending on which type you're looking at, a BD-5 is between 13 and 15 feet (4.3-5 m) long and the wing span varies from 17 to 22 feet (5.7-7.3 m), so it's not a very big aircraft.I haven't spent too much time researching this subject but heres a few links.
    Search words are Bud Light micro jet, BD-5J, Micro Jet
    Immage below is a turbo prop.

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    Re:Micro Jet

    Very cool, I like the way it's a closed cabin unlike other micro planes. Very interesting!
    Kinda like the Mini 500 helicopter, but a lot faster I should say!
    When this baby hits 88 mph, we're gonna see some serious sht!


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