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    Re: PHOTOS

    Kit car building follows a very simple formula...

    Anyone who actually attempts to build a vehicle ... had too much time on there hands
    Anyone who really completes building a vehicle ... lost there wife, kids and bank account
    Anyone who has it driveable and look good ... probably bought it off Ebay

    Everyone else gets to bitch about it here..... priceless


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      Re: PHOTOS

      Originally posted by MURCI-ME
      Originally posted by Greenmeansgo

      This is exactly why i keep my customers build threads and my 1 off build out of the build threads. Its only for nutswingers and haters when it should be for learning and teaching. I can garuntee if someone posted a pile of poop and me and murcie-me said of that looks great everyone would agree, but post a good looking car where someone didnt cough up $6k for oem wheels and someone sh*ts all over it and everyone hates it. Heres the kitcar worlds biggest secret NONE of you know who has the best build and who doesnt because you would have to drive the car to know. Murcieme and gegams cars will be nice for only 2 reasons 1. Completion and 2. Money
      With those 2 things any car can look amazing, and anyone of you can achieve those 2 things, its not like your making the kit. so then where does the skill come in? Well thats when you look and see does the gauges work? does the paddle shifter? ect. so far no one with a lp640 has shown those parts to work they just claimed to have a version, so any of you can do it, its just weather or not your willing to try. I garuntee MisterD doesnt get near the props as murcie-me, not that he hasnt done a Great job but because he doesnt have a g28. So it "Appears" Like he hasnt done as well but that is far from the truth. Murcie-me does good work, but he has had help from friends with builds and here you guys can do it too and dont let the haters get to you, they are just gods way of keeping you motivated
      This is where I have to disagree. Ask MURCenary, 6.0nut, Bocelli, Gegamgasparian, and Staggard look. NOBODY helped me with my build! NOBODY would give me answers, or even suggestions. I wanted certain things on my build. Power windows, working bat-wings, working rear spoiler, OEM interior, and working guages. I originally was going to have TED from build my car, but when I asked for these things he tried to talk me out of them. He said I didn't need working windows, because Fiero's have A/C!
      He told me the other things I wanted weren't possible, because he didn't know anybody who could do it.
      To make a long story short, I finally decided to at least TRY to do it myself. I was not always successful on my first attemt at something, but I learned from my mistakes and tried again till it came out the way I wanted.
      Have you guys ever seen a "how to" diary on bat wings before? Me neither, thats why I did one. It shows how I did it, after trying several different designs. This one works best, and is the most reliable.
      The list goes on with my car. I even asked Steve from Triangle-G for help on some things, and he basically just played dumb with me. He actually went out of his way to make things harder for me, even going so far as to give me false information that he KNEW wasn't true.
      I had to figure everything out for myself, and thats why my build took so long. I dont mind sharing what I've learned with anybody who asks. I KNOW what a nightmare these builds can be, firsthand. I know how discouraging it is to come to a problem, not know what to do next, and have nobody to ask.
      that was my point no body helped you all you had was the forum and being able to walk around the corner and look at another car and say oh this is how they did it and then apply that to your own taste. Proving my point that anyone can do it. "sorry if that was unclear" Thats why i always like to see how you do things, i dont always do it like you did, i usaully pick the best parts and add my own techniques and critiques. There is no reason why anyone cant do a great job.


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