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  • Lotus Esprit replica

    I know, I'm very nostalgic but I always loved the Lotus Esprit, so I'm here to ask if someone has ever thought to build a Lotus Esprit replica or better (and more expensive) to buy from Lotus the project as was made by KIA with the Elan in the 90s.
    It's a crazy idea but maybe someone could be so in love to do it.

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    Re: Lotus Esprit replica

    At this point, you could definitely buy a Lotus Esprit for less than you could build one :-\

    Have you seen the 2013 Esprit? I like it.

    Is this the Elan you're talking about? Looks a lot like the Esprit though.

    I've read that Lotus has 5 new models coming out - it will be interesting to see how well they do. I imagine you'll be hearing more about them.


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      Re: Lotus Esprit replica

      Replicating a Lotus Esprit is kind of pointless like replicating a Viper. Unless its a super budget build for less than 5k I don't see no point on doing so since you can go out and buy a real one for about 10k if you look hard enough.

      If your talking about the new 2013 model it won't be easy to do.


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