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  • Fun with Bondo...

    I was working on making a cup holder for my son's BMW 528i.
    Anyone that knows these cars, knows that the cup holder is a cheap piece of cr@p and breaks after the first couple of uses. POOR DESIGN to say the least. Of course you can buy a replacement cup holder for $40 bucks and then go to all the trouble to mount it in the dash under the A/C panel, just to break it again later.
    The dealer's advice? DON'T BOTHER REPLACING IT AGAIN.
    SO, I was working up an alternative using the oddly shaped bin behind the ashtray on the console as my target location. During this my mockup required some bondo to get the exact shape of the cup for a tight fit.
    Much to my surprise, when I removed the cup after the Bondo cured, it had left me with a little surprise....

    Apparently, the Bondo curing heat works like silly putty on this cup and transfered the image perfectly!!
    LOL! ;D ;D

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    Re: Fun with Bondo...

    Now that is funny.


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