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  • Details - engine pictures

    Some pictures of my engine. The engine on most kit cars is the last area to recieve any upgrades. The exterior and interior always get the most attention first. I like that I can go anywhere and open my rear deck lid and show off my engine area. I have only had a very few ever realize that the engine is wrong for a 308 Ferrari.

    The fire system is fake and does not work. I put it there as some people knew what a GM cruise control system lookes like. Since there is some room behind the trunk I moved the cruise system there and it still works. I also moved the emissions recovery can back there. My power steering reservoir is there also.

    I tried to minimize the turbo so most don't even know it is there.

    I made little covers for the Holly on the throttle body and the cover for the map sensor. A few model store stickers here and there.

    A large chrome Jacobs coil looks better the the stock coil.

    The Ferrari oil filter is fake. It just sits there to take up space. There was too much open area there and I needed something to fill it in. Filter is a rare one off a 348 and is made in France. It has the correct wored Ferrari on it and little prancing horses around the bottem.

    Painted the oil fill cap gloss black and a model store Ferrari sticker on it. More pictures to follow soon.

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    Re: Details - engine pictures

    I fixed the Halon gauge to read full.

    I installed one of those EGR covers you find on FWD cars like a Corsica etc. V-6's.

    The large ID plate is one from a Fiat X1/9. It had a Fiat logo on the upper left. I took some laquar thinner and took it off then I painstakingly took a small Ferrari sticker and cut the horse out with an exacto knife. Then I clear coated the whole plate. Looks close to perfect. Plate is cool as it has references to "Made in Italy" The smaller plate above is from some Honda I think and says spark plug type.

    I used a distibutor cap from a hot rod shop. The brown looked more correct.

    The clamps on the intake tubes are from old Ford Escorts. Only a few years in the early 80's had this type. I cut and rewelded them to fit perfect and used allen head screws. Looks better than regular stainless steel clamps.

    The cover on the throttle body is silconed in place. The screws are fake just to look like it is screwed down. Another small model store WEBER sticker on it also.

    I made my own heat shields for the turbo crossover.

    Those with turbos may notice I do not have the vacuum line off the manifold. I drilled and tapped a fitting on the other end of the manifold for that.

    Hard to see but on the rear deck lid strut is a small Ferrari sticker.

    Covers over the shock openings are from a mid 80's FWD GM car and modified and glued in place.


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      Re: Details - engine pictures

      That looks really nice, Looks like you put alot of work into it.
      Good job!!


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        Re: Details - engine pictures


        GREAT JOB 1988MERA,

        Can you tell me where I can get the same accessories to do the same thing with my engine, especially the large Ferrari emblem on the engine.

        Maybe you can send me a set of the same stuff if I pay you?



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          Re: Details - engine pictures

          Im pretty sure a lot of them are available at - email him and he'll point you in the right direction if he dosen't have them


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            Re: Details - engine pictures

            Looks good. You mentioned power steering. What steering system are you using. What's involved in the conversion?


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