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Kawasaki ZZR 1400 EV Bike Conversion

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  • Kawasaki ZZR 1400 EV Bike Conversion

    Well I am happy, just got my hands on a 2011 Kawasaki ZZR 1400, price was a nice ¥347,028 or about £2,186, she has very low kms on the clock, which really is not that important.

    Will strip it down, removing the ICE and convert her to Electric. It will arrive on Wednesday from Nagoya in Aichi prefecture, which is about 250ks west of my location.

    Thinking of placing an 80 kW permanent magnet DC motor in to it, weight of the motor will be about 18kgs, plus about 10 ~ 12 kWh of Li-ion batteries, which will give me a range of about 190 ~ 200kms city driving on a full charge which is ok as the most I drive a week is about 15 kilometers, 2 kW on board charger, charge time about 45 minutes.

    It will be belt driven as chain is too noisy on a EV bike, and I need to get the front and rear sprockets just right so I will end up with a high top end speed. Lookin’ for a top speed of about 200km/h, which is fine as the top speed on roads in Japan is only 90km/h.

    Goal is 0 to 100 km/h in under 3.2 seconds which is a little slower than the ICE which is about 2.6, so need to keep the weight down, anything that is not needed will be tossed and anything that can be fabricated in to carbon fiber saving on weight will be made.

    Total conversion cost will be about ¥600,000 or £3,780, hoping to keep it under ¥800,000 or £5,050 if I go over budget.

    Well set up a conversion log on my web page and post the link at a later date, once I have the bike 3/4 finished.

    Going to be fun, last time I owned a bike was in 1989 it was a Kawasaki ZZR 1100, but lost it after being clocked at 270 km/h in a 110 km/h zone going from Perth to Northham, come to think of it need to get a Japanese bike license now, mmm will wait until the conversion is finished and see what the cops say, maybe just a scooter license will be fine as EV bikes are classed as under 50cc in Japan.

    NOTE : Webpage is only in Japanese, you will need to use a good translator program to read the page, forget Google Translator as it is crap and 99% of the time incorrect.

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    Looking forward to reading this.
    I bleed styrene, bathe in acetone, and sparkle like a Cullen in the sunlight.


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      Looking at starting the conversion in mid November, but I need to finish the Celica project, which at the moment I am really thinking of ditching.

      Playing with the Celica and now I remember why I hate ICE so much, grease and crap everywhere, the thing only cost me ¥90,000 as it is a 1992 model, so ditching it I will not lose much. V8 in Japan is now looking like a stupid idea, most cars here now are Hybrids because the cost of fuel, only think the Lexus has a V8 it, all the Toyotas that had V8s have now gone to a V6 Hybrid.

      Filling my Crown with fuel once a month is getting expensive because fuel just went up again, and that is only a V6.


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        Not for nothing but why not just use a much cheaper donor?

        You can always modify to accept different fairings on a custom design.


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