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1:1 Scale Replica of a Burago 1:18 Scale Model F40?!

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  • 1:1 Scale Replica of a Burago 1:18 Scale Model F40?!

    Hi all,

    I'm here with an idea that i would like opinions on........

    I'm sure a few of you here have seen my build thread, Where i have been building an F40 replica from the ground up based on a Lotus Esprit chassis. This winter i hope to finish the body plug and to start making my molds, Once I'm done mold making the plug will no longer be needed, so rather than disposing of it I'm thinking of cutting it down the middle (down the full lngth) and turning it into a wall mount. Recently i have been thinking of taking it one step further by mounting it on an oak plinth and building a replica of a burago box out of GRP sheet and polycarbonate for the clear sections. This can then be wrapped to look the same as the original box. I'm also thinking of having the back wall mirrored with the half car pushed up against it, this should give the impression of a complete car. The car will be fully painted, glass fitted, door will open so you can sit in it and probably a few other details.

    What do people think? Would it be a massive waste of time/money? i would be building it with the intnsion of selling it so the money can fund the building ofmy car. I'm aware its going to be a very small market, but if an F40 owner has 500,000 in his car, could this be the 1 off artwork he has to have?!

    Id really appreciate peoples thoughts and opinions on this one, if it goes ahead i'll document the build.


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    Do the car by all means and you will find a well off buyer if you do not skimp on paint and seals etc but....
    Forget the box idea! It is not something people with that sort off money will want in their atriums etc.
    Think wife like. It is too goofy to put up with. It is a conversation item for a car show but not what you want at home.
    My 2 c for free.


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