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Death of Paul walker fast and furious star

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  • Death of Paul walker fast and furious star

    Most people may have heard the sad news that Paul walker and race car driver friend has died in a car crash Saturday which as a fan of cars and the fast movies I'm deeply saddened.

    Rip Paul and his friend its a sad day for all

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    Yes R.I.P Paul.

    Sucks, I guess he wasnt even the one driving the 500k carrera GT

    Heres a video of the crash scene.

    Video: Caught On Cellphone: Aftermath Footage Of Car Accident That Actor "Paul Walker" Passed Away From
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      very very sad to hear.
      and yet another reminder what can happen to anybody... no matter how skilled, famous rich he is.
      may he rest in peace


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        i must say that im shocked after having seen this vid..
        in scences like this its seconds that count. and honestly ive been in one like this and the only thing that saved a guys life was someone showing courage and trying no matter what to pull the person out of the burning car.
        they shouldve just tried to help somehow instead of filming.


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          Roger Rodas was the driver. Skilled driver but luck ran out.


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            In a real conservative country, racing on the streets would not be promoted and glorified, the death of this popular actor and many others killed in crashes can be attributed to the financiers of Hollywood.

            At 6:15 we can see that these Carrerra GT's are not so forgiving around corners...

            The road of the inceident

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              Irresponsible behavior. I don't care how much of a "professional" driver someone thinks they are, nobody is above error. Its sad that this happened, but here in Los Angeles this is a DAILY occurrence. This story made headlines because of the person in the car, but kids crash and die here every day racing their little tuner cars around. Thank God they didn't kill somebody else in their stunt.


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                I was really saddened by this news
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                  He was a skilled driver. But any can do an error.


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                    RIP Robin Williams, big loss


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                      Very sad RIP


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                        After watching this one might think Walkers death may have been setup as it was also foreshadowed in the following cartoon.
                        FAMILY GUY - Boston Marathon and Robin Williams Predictive Programming Pandemonium!!! - YouTube
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