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Kit car for daily use? troubles of paradise!

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  • Kit car for daily use? troubles of paradise!

    Hi all,

    Im not from this kit car world.....just to make things clear! Ive found myself posting here for a specific question and situation I find myself in. I live on a tropical Island and will be here for two years. Cars here are mad expensive, even second hand cars. I mean you get really bad cars that are about to break down and you have to pay a lot of money. (main reason is import tax is 125 percent and has to be new vehicles only).

    Anyways I need a car for my two years here and have been shopping around. Cant really afford anything, the cheapest you can probably get something is probably 4.000 Dollars or 2.500 Pounds.

    Anyway I know someone who is selling a Kit car, I didn't even know what car it was had to look it up on the net. The guy us a mechanic and he's just finished it. Its a Jago Jeep. I haven't spoken to him personally, the info I have is from a friend. Im planning on getting the details from the mechanic first hand.

    Anyway my question would be whether it is a good idea to buy the car for regular daily use....(I know nothing about Kit cars) My friend says the car is in good condition, just finished and I do know its just passed road tax for another year.

    Asking price is 3.000 pounds or 5.000 USD......

    Advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

    Oh and I went to have a quick look at it, it is a 2 seater but my friend says you can add two seats at the back if you this true?


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    No advice.....replies??

    Please need some help!


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      It really depends on the quality of the job done on the kit car and the experience the person who put it together has.. you can def find good cars for under 4k...4000us... especially if it's only for 2yrs.. try Craigslist or just have someone check it out before purchase


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        hard to give advice on if it is a good deal without a lot more info and pics
        Now building in Mooresville NC


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