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Questions about G35 GTR Body Kit

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  • Questions about G35 GTR Body Kit

    My name is Mike. I have an 07 G35 Infiniti Coupe Base model. I have gone back and forth for over a year about what to do to upgrade and customize my car since the day I obtained it.

    I recently considered doing the Vaydor conversion kit... but with an estimated build cost of $35,000, the project consideration quickly exited possible reality and entered impossible dream state...

    Needless to say, as sick as that car body and interior is, I had to return to earth and consider more cost attainable options.

    Which brought me back to the GTR body kit from Duraflex. I like the way the kit looks on the car and I have found the full kit ranging anywhere from 6-700 dollars to over $1500.00!!

    Not sure what the price differences are to have such a spread, but it seems that if I look hard enough, I will be able to find one cheap enough.

    Out of the research I have done, Duraflex seems like the best way to go. But I wanted to poll some of the other enthusiasts and see what you thought.

    Any information of personal encounter or tips or really anything to help guide me on the best method and most cost effective way to go about obtaining a body kit for my car would be greatly appreciate.

    One thing, I have custom work experience. Not body work, but I can hold my own under the hood or out with my car. I am also considering plasti dipping my car once a body kit is obtained, so any personal experience with this product would be appreciated as well.

    Thank you all in advance for you help and interest.
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    I am thinking I may have posted this in an incorrect catagory in the forum. I cant seem to find a place to delete or move this thread. So I will abandon and repost this elsewhere. If anyone can tell me how to delete the thread at this point. That would be very helpful.
    [COLOR=#333333]It's a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself. - Dale Earnhardt Sr[/COLOR]


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