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  • Big thanks to Photobucket

    Big thanks to Photobucket for breaking my last two build threads.

    They now want $399 a year from me to host my pictures on a third party website.

    I wouldn't have minded if this change in terms and conditions had been 'moving forward', but retrospective? All my thread posts with pictures now contain their damn image.

    I wouldn't care, but there must be thousands of useful 'how to's out there that people have taken the time to create and will now be lost forever. I know I've spent a lot of extra time writing how tos on the Jaguar forums that are now mostly useless.

    Well done Photobucket. You're killing off forums, to Facebook -which all goes after a week or so.

    You've robbed the internet of a good percentage what little intelligence it may have provided.
    There are other hosting sites for images, but how much longer will they last for???

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    WOW is that what is going on with PB????? I have seen on other sites the banner requiring an upgrade, I just figured that it was because of my firewall
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      Unfortunately so.
      From what I've read, they used a ton of bandwidth for the advert payback they got, but even so, I'm sure there could have been some mid ground.

      I would have paid maybe $5 a month worst case and put up with minor adverts, but $399 a year!
      Not going to happen. I suspect that this is just the start - other will now follow suit.

      Shame though. I wonder how much knowledge has just been lost from the internet. Certainly a few how tos I've written, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

      I guess that one day, all forums will be toast - other than those which have sold out to advertising, and all we will get it FB, instagram, YouTube, pirate servers and Netflix. I guess shopping channels will last a bit longer too. Not much for the sharing enthusiast though. I do hope I'm wrong!

      Edit with response from PB
      Photobucket continues to have the distinct pleasure of hosting 15 billion photos from 100 million unique users since inception fourteen years ago. In recent months, management has made some changes that will enable Photobucket to continue providing excellent services to our user base while maintaining an economically stable position.
      In the past we’ve had solutions for everyone. From free users to paid subscriptions, there’s been an option for all types of people that care about their memories, blogs, or businesses. We continue to commit to offering free services as well as enterprise support, but we’ve needed to reinforce standards we’ve been historically lenient on.
      It is our business to serve our users with valuable benefits that are otherwise very costly for us to support compared to our competitors, especially as it relates to third party image hosting. Starting several weeks ago, we began telling our users that the nature of how we work with them will be changing with the tide of the photo hosting environment via messaging in email, on site, etc. In staying true to our word, we’re asking that customers using our service as an image serving facility buy a subscription to continue with that level of service that has historically been overlooked for free users. This feature is a costly one, and we are asking our patrons to help support our infrastructure. We aren’t deleting photos or holding any photos at arm’s length for download; we are simply asking our non-paying users to join our subscription service to continue enjoying benefits of our site.
      The subscriptions we are offering are price competitive for the greater photo hosting landscape, and we hope to bring additional functionality in the upcoming months to further delight our users that support their businesses with our service. We are continually evaluating our subscriptions, committing to the needs, feedback, and desires of our valued user base.
      Moss@Photobucket Support
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