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Mercedes E350 4matic

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  • Mercedes E350 4matic

    Anybody have experience with these cars? I'm looking at a 2008 locally.

    Around 100,000 miles. Looks new...very clean claims to have just had the 100,000 mi. servicing done.

    Just trying to get a feel from other owners or people who've worked on them or have knowledge about them.

    Never owned a Mercedes before...recently got rid of a Lincoln TC that I liked pretty well, looking to replace it as a road car.

    TIA for any info/advice.
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    I would also be interested to know the reviews


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      I ended up with this car, and so very pleased and impressed. Time will tell about reliability and/or repairs...but as far as I can tell, this is a fine automobile.

      More bells and whistles than I've ever seen, or am used to, but I don't own any "new" cars either...and I hear they all have a goodly amount of this electronic stuff.

      Point for me is, I have a 2004 Sebring and a 2006 PT Cruiser, with 20,000 mi. and 50,000 mi. respectively, and there are glitches with all the electronics in both of them. Maybe this is just a Chrysler thing, I don't know, but all the stuff in the E350 works like it's brand new and it has just under 100,000 mi.. There's no comparison in ride, the 350 glides the others don't.

      I also have occasion to drive brand new GM products, namely Impala's and Equinox as I drive for the VA on occasion...and the same is true for them. The 350, in my opinion, qualifies as a "luxury" car, and I paid less for it than I did for the PT Cruiser (in 2008) Thought about trying a newer Caddy or Lincoln, but the 350 was available and the price was right.

      As with any used car, if you're looking, check it out thoroughly, drive it as much as possible before you dish out cash.

      I'm enjoying the one I bought, and figure if I end up not liking it enough to hang on to it, it'll be a good trade in, or I shouldn't have too much trouble finding a new owner.


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