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    Originally posted by 88.5countach View Post

    Great good too hear. Any chance of updating the andriod app. I stopped using it as it froze at the most annoying times?
    I'll need to investigate that, the code for the android app came right from Vbulletin (They called it their "mobile suite"), I'll have to see what the current state of their app is and what it takes to update the version for the forum.


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      Originally posted by jb1 View Post
      Seem more active moderator would be plenty helpful.
      Agreed - although I will highlight though we've got a number of new machine-learning based spam fighting tools enabled now as well which should significant slow down / stop spammers. The old forum did not use modern spam fighting technology which is why it was such a target by link builders, etc...


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        Thank you to the site owner and Don for making this forum so much better. I am not new to replicas but new to this site. I did the front half of the build of a TremorMUV from Humvee surplus parts, a tube frame and a Suburban chassis. I've never completed a build but really want a Countach. I think they're going to be like the Cobra where replicas become more popular/accepted in the auto world.



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