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    I was wondering if any Ontario people know about this company good or bad ???. I am looking at purchasing a vehicle from them in the near future... They are in Woodbridge.


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    Hey Trevor, I'm working in Woodbridge and I've seen the add they have in autotrader. they have lot of top end write offs. I dont know what you are looking for ,but for exotic or even Bimmers and so ,it could get expensive.
    I'm working part time for this chop shop and to fix write offs ,they buy 2-3 cars to make one. Cheap and fast. I'll check if any of my Dealers guys know them.


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      Hi Ed, That would be great if you can find out any info on them. I am looking at flying up around the end of the month on early in january if I can come to a deal on the car. I will send you a PM in a few minutes.



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        Hey Trevor,

        This salvage company only buys high end total losses from Insurance companies, some with clean titles and others with salvage titles..They have a very good reputation among the salvage companies in town...

        Keep in mind if you buy a vehicle in Ontario with a salvage
        title, the resale value if you ever want to sell is drastically lower than a similar like - kind vehicle without a salvage title.

        what kind of vehicle are you considering ?



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          Hi Nick,

          Thanks for the info sorry I could not reply earlier but I have been having isp issues the last couple days . Here is a link to the car I am looking at It has a clean title. I think I will be picking it up but neet to work out some details with them first.

          Thanks again,


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            lamboman you're building a Countach as well right?...did you give up on or finish the Countach or are you gonna have two toys to play with
            A Prancing Horse will ALWAYS back away from a RAGING BULL


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              Hi lambo1,

              The Countach is not done yet but I hope to have it painted in the spring and hopefully close to being road worthy this summer... Defenatly not giving up on it .


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                I took a flight up yesterday morning to see the car, Although it needs more work than I thought (judging by pics) I bought it. It is a good project car that I can drive while I fix it up. So as long as all goes well tomorrow when the shipping company picks it up it should be here in a few days. Below is a pic I took there. Thanks again for all the responses.


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