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NOS install. too funny

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  • NOS install. too funny

    This was found this IM conversation on some people shouldnt be allowed to work on cars.

    BoostedToy: did daniel ever tell you about the @!#$ that keyed his
    FoWLhEaD9999: no
    BoostedToy: have you ever noticed down the side of his mustang
    BoostedToy: there is a huge key mark
    BoostedToy: some complete f**king retard
    BoostedToy: anyhow...this guy is the dumbest f**ker
    BoostedToy: tell me if you've ever heard of something THIS stupid
    FoWLhEaD9999: i've seen the mark
    FoWLhEaD9999: that sucks bad
    BoostedToy: he bought a used NOS kit from ebay, and wanted to run like a
    50 shot on his corsica that had an engine swap, lol
    BoostedToy: well, him and his friend hooked it up and were driving around
    spraying and @!#$
    BoostedToy: and they were pissed because they couldn't feel any difference
    FoWLhEaD9999: lol
    BoostedToy: so they re-jetted it for a 75 shot
    FoWLhEaD9999: forgot to fill the bottle?
    BoostedToy: nope..listen
    BoostedToy: it gets worse
    FoWLhEaD9999: o god
    BoostedToy: it was filled, but it's worse
    BoostedToy: lol
    BoostedToy: they took the nozzle out to make sure it was spraying , it was
    BoostedToy: so they tried it again with a 75 shot and couldn't tell a
    BoostedToy: they were like calling people out to race
    BoostedToy: lol
    FoWLhEaD9999: o @!#$
    BoostedToy: they went back home and re-jetted for a 100 shot
    BoostedToy: it's still not
    BoostedToy: they put the biggest shot(150 shot) that came with the kit,
    and got the bottle filled again and started spraying it
    FoWLhEaD9999: did they up the fuel pressure?
    FoWLhEaD9999: or not turn the bottle on?
    BoostedToy: gets better
    FoWLhEaD9999: o man
    BoostedToy: lol
    FoWLhEaD9999: ok
    FoWLhEaD9999: lol
    BoostedToy: he was all happy and proud of that car, they managed to put a
    OHC engine from a sunfire in it
    BoostedToy: haha
    BoostedToy: anyhow
    BoostedToy: just adding to the retardedness
    BoostedToy: lol
    BoostedToy: well...they went around spraying the @!#$ out of that car with
    like a 150 shot
    FoWLhEaD9999: omg
    BoostedToy: lol...they still can't feel anything so they are calling up
    the local hot rod shop(bunch of idiots themslves)
    BoostedToy: lol...they can't feel the *hit* of the nitrous
    BoostedToy: well...they end up going on the interstate and get on the
    onramp at the downtown exit in fairmont
    BoostedToy: they go up that kinda long hill once you get on I79 southbound
    FoWLhEaD9999: ya
    BoostedToy: they spray the car for like 1 minute straight
    BoostedToy: with a 150 shot
    BoostedToy: and they hear a "rattle rattle rattle grindddddd" type sound
    and the car shuts off
    FoWLhEaD9999: hahahahah
    BoostedToy: they had the corsica towed back to his house, where they
    called over a few other people to check it out....
    BoostedToy: one guy(who wasn't a friend) quickly pointed out "WHAT THE
    BoostedToy: dude...listen to this...
    BoostedToy: they(corsica owner and friend) drilled a hole through the cam
    cover ...they were f**king spraying the intake
    cam with a f**king 150 shot of N20 and it froze the cam and it snapped
    BoostedToy: ROFL
    FoWLhEaD9999: lmao
    BoostedToy: i'm seriously almost crying laughing right now
    BoostedToy: everytime i retell that i lose it
    BoostedToy: lol
    BoostedToy: have you ever heard of anything that dumb
    FoWLhEaD9999: how dumb can ya be
    FoWLhEaD9999: that is a CR story

    LMAO! ;D

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    Re:NOS install. too funny

    he he he thats funny


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      Re:NOS install. too funny

      I once heard about these guys who rented a ford something and hooked a N2O system up to it, practically blew the motor on purpose and returned it to the rental shop.

      Funny story, I don't if they ever got busted for it though.


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